TV at its best ! 

I do not watch tv find it an intrusion into my life and rarely get any thing that benefits me from it ! But last night I watched this !  Whow ! 

I am fortunate enough to live on the west coast of Ireland in Co Clare but I had no idea of what this beautifully filmed and portrayed programme was going to open my eyes to !  It’s a must watch did anyone know what a unique place this coast line is ?  Just Awesome ❤🍀


Bored or Barmy

If you live alone which I currently am everyone asks me if I get bored ! And when you say no I keep myself really busy they can look surprised and then presume I am watching omnibus episodes of soap opera’s ! If you then proceed in telling them what you do ( today I made a small rockery in the garden, I stuck some beads and canes onto the bags I make, and applied home made self tan to my legs while cooking myself bubble and squeak ! They give you this pitiful look and then continually message or ring you to see if you are alright !At least with some social media and blogging you can openly talk about your pursuits without fear of possible insanity stares or if fellow bloggers think your mad they will just bypass your blog and move on and your none the wiser.

This period of living alone is my first at the age of fifty and its only temporary due to work however I have come to the conclusion it should be made compulsory for everyone at least once in their lives. In this time i have discovered so much about myself it has been quite life changing. I have had time and space to get to know a person that I really didn’t know before and do you know what I like her ! She is able, talented and creative. I understand her needs wishes and desires, I know what makes her tick and I am enjoying her company.

Its made me think about relationships and can see how so many do not make it.  If you have never been alone as an adult left home married or lived with another its possible its already in jeopardy.  If I decide to have two baths in a day my partner may say ” Sue you had a bath this morning why are you having another one” now this may not be a criticism just an observation, however I am then  likely to justify it some how and then question myself as to why I felt the need to bath twice and chances are I mayIMG_2586 never do it again. The other side of the coin is you are likely to question your partner if they took two baths in one day and why are you doing that ?  This is just a small simple example, but I have come to the conclusion that you must know and understand yourself fully before you can even begin to understand anyone else. The saying goes you do not know no anyone until you live with them but this must apply to yourself before entertaining trying to understand and except any one else and their individual strange two baths a day habit !



Alternative self tan

Being such a beautiful sunny day the shorts have been put on but of course the legs are a let down the months of winter cover up are all to Lilly white ! So out come my home made remedy for this huge problem in mine and many other lives ! Mixture of olive oil, coco powder and coffee powder and job done.  However be warned this is not a five minute application before you rush out the door ! I suggest stand in the bath or shower and apply there as big spots of the very dark oily liquid will be evident and be prepared to spend good few minutes rubbing in well.  Essential oil can be added to improve the fragrance I do this to stop my terrier following me and my essence thinking I must be edible !  I hope I haven’t put you off giving this a try as it’s a cheap and healthy alternative. I do also pour some into my bath once a week to help maintain the tan and caffeine is good for your skin. 

Positive energy

Today is one of those days when you are humbled into the beauty of the environment in which you live. Nothing can bring you down and you appreciate all that you have and treat it as a blessing. Huge bright skies open your heart and your mind. 

Thrifty shopping

Had great day in charity shops I love them and purchase nearly all my clothes and house hold items there can find real treasures. Of course the price for some really good but used items is a draw but I can always find bits I like yet if I go into the high street I will come home with nothing !  Keep up the good work all charity stores ! 

Wild West Antics

Good afternoon I am sitting in the kitchen enjoying being able to have window open and listening to the birds, watching them eating from the feeders and bright skies ! The last few weeks have been dismal here in Co Clare !
I am currently living here alone all family members in the UK. I thought I would be lost, lonely and bored how wrong was I ( but I do love and miss you all family members )
Time here alone has given me the chance to learn so much about me and way I am capable of, what I enjoy.
I have always has artist abilities but never had time to really explore them or told myself that !I am enjoying designing areas of my old Irish cottage and on a shoe string from bits and bobs I collect. I have explored my health and mental well being too and have made changes to my diet and started to explore alternative options with great success, died my hair with honey and cinnamon and it worked RESULT.
I am planning a way to make my own income doing stuff I enjoy, I have worked in the tough care environment all my working life( still currently doing 2 night shifts a week to help keep the wolf from the door )but its time to move on. well time to go prepare my own self tan made from coffee and olive oil as the weather is looking to improve and my legs are lilly white !

Morning has broken

The end of another 12 hour night shift ! The bird song in full flow, morning has broken start of another day. Sleep deprivation starting to kick in though and my body not sure if it’s breakfast or dinner time ! My head will fall onto the soft pillow very soon believe me there is no better feeling. Good night all 

16 Years Later

My love affair with Ireland began when my family moved to Co Clare 16 years ago. Both my then husband and two young children up rooted to here my parents came too. They bought a cottage before us so for the first eight months we lived together and all began our journey together. We then bought our derelict and began a major renovation project !

We helped my parents with the things that needed to be done to their cottage including planting the bare garden. My parents sold this cottage a few years later and bought a smaller one. We moved into our renovated cottage and we lived here for the following eight years. Unfortunately me and my husband and children moved back as our relationship was not happy.  My parents then moved back to UK too due to my fathers diagnosis of dementia.

Eight years on and with a new partner I wanted to return to Ireland. I regularly looked at property on the web site here and brought my partner over to visit.  Then one night I put on the internet and couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw my parents first property up for sale and although Irish house prices are much cheaper than what we would pay in the UK this was at a very low price so that was it we bought it back without even coming back to look at it first. ( The same owner had had it since my mum and dad sold it and it had only been used as a second home ).  So here I am back in the family home and tackling the garden that I planted 16 years ago and has been some what neglected.  Funny how things work out.